Friday, October 30, 2009

Telling on myself - anniversary edition

As readers of the blog may remember, I like to bake. Several years ago I bought a stand mixer that I had been lusting after for a while. Big motor to mix heavy, dense doughs. Large mixing bowl to make larger recipes. Lots of accessories would allow it to be one of only two large appliances on the kitchen counter (no toaster accessory).

That, of course, is how I rationalized it to myself when I bought it. About 2 years after I bought it the mixing blades would no longer stay in. No matter how light the batter, the mixing blades would fall out of the mixer into the batter. Even EGG WHITES for goodness sake. So Husband and I have tried for the better part of a year to find someone who can repair it (since it naturally happened after the warranty period was over) without success. The maker is an Italian company (DeLonghi) and has no repair centers in the US. When I looked on the internet for repair companies, I found that many people had had the same experience with DeLonghi's mixers - with no recourse other than replacing the mixer.

Then this week for our anniversary, Husband ordered a brand new Cuisinart stand mixer. It has all the other positive attributes of the old mixer and none of the negative. Cuisinart isn't an American company, but it's well established in the US, so customers have lots of support from the company if anything goes wrong. It also has a 3 year warranty!

So the next time you're shopping for something that you're clearly lusting after - do yourself a favor. Do research online about the company and the product you're buying. Just because it's "big and pretty" doesn't mean it won't break down at the drop of the hat. Just look at the Buckeyes' offensive line!

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