Sunday, October 25, 2009

Computer woes....

My Windows computer died about 8 weeks ago. I tried to go without one and use Husband's computer, but neither of us liked that option much. So I broke down and bought a new computer, this time a MACBook. When I bought the computer, I also purchased the One-to-One service that Apple offers to people who buy new computers from them. They show you around the MAC system and teach you what you want to know about using their products. Essentially you're paying for them to complete the Apple brainwashing process.

So when I got the computer home, I was all excited. Husband was helping me figure things out (since he's been using Apple computers since they were an Apple seed). A couple of weeks after I got it home I took the computer downstairs to the family room to use. Being able to use the computer in places other than the study was the appeal for the laptop.

When I got down there, I found my home wireless network wasn't working anymore.

Enter GDad (whose blog is listed under the Blogs I Read section). He's knows computers very well and is my computer guru. I try not to ask for him from him too often. He has a family and his own life, and I never want him to feel I'm taking advantage of him.

Yesterday GDad and his Son came over and spent 5 (count'em FIVE) hours at our place getting the wireless network working and salvaging the data from my old computer's hard drive. Thanks to him, I can now get in online trouble anywhere in the house. And the pictures of my cat Trixie (all of which were on the old computer's hard drive) are safe and sound. GDad is VERY generous man. I'm really grateful that he's my friend.

So when computers let you down (and it's only a matter of time until one does) remember that good friends won't. Thanks GDad!

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GDad said...

Always my pleasure.

Son enjoyed the hot tub.