Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pot Pourri

(Yes I'm a Jeopardy fan. Thanks Mom!)

I have been a real slug about writing on my blog ever since vacation. I'm not sure why. I took a whole week away from all types of media (no newspapers, TV, radio or internet) and I guess I enjoyed being unplugged. But time to get back at it!

I watched the Democratic Convention last night. Teddy Kennedy was very inspiring. And Michelle Obama was phenomenal. She was very clear what her family priorities are. Her intelligence and sincerity came shining through. No wonder he married her.

To those of you who say you want to know the specifics of what Obama is planning: go to his website www.barackobama.com and read his positions. That's what I did in September 2007 (along with all the other candidates' sites) to make up my mind who I wanted to support. Then watch his speech on Thursday. Between the two, you should get a pretty good idea of what he'll do. (although I doubt the speech will mention policy much).

It's important to take the time and responsibility to do your own research about a candidate's stance and NOT depend on the media. Remember - the media is only geared toward getting more readers or viewers NOT to printing/showing the WHOLE truth.

John McCain a MAVERICK? Please! Maybe in 2000, but not now. Not after he caved to the Bush administration's policy on torture. If he can do that with the TORTURE issue, a man who actually was tortured for years, what scruples does this man actually have?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


What are YOUR dreams like?

I've learned that mine are weirder than most, which doesn't completely surprise me. I mostly dream of people who are NOT in my life - usually completely made up people. I nearly always dream in color. My dreams often have music in them, like movie scores. I have in the past dreamt as a cartoon - one that I had completely made up - the characters, plot (such as it was), art work - the whole shebang. Once in a VERY great while I'll realize that I'm dreaming while I'm dreaming. I always wind up flying when I wake up in a dream.

What brings this to mind is a dream I had late last night. It was an opera. YES, an opera. Not Madame Butterfly or La Traviata, an opera I made up. Now it didn't last for hours - probably just a few minutes. But everyone was singing. And the funny part is that it was very much a modern opera. Everyone had their solo lines that fit together in sometimes harmonious and sometimes dissonant ways. I don't remember what the opera was about or the characters (though it was someone in my life). Very weird - even for me.

What about it? What are your dreams like?